My name is Tracy Furutani, and I am running for position 6 on the Lake Forest Park City Council.

One of the things I love about Lake Forest Park is that you can see it just by looking at Google Maps: We’re the green spot at the north end of Lake Washington.

As a small business owner, I am keenly aware of the effect of taxes and regulations, and want to keep the hand of Lake Forest Park municipal government light.  As a union activist, I have experience negotiating and finding consensus in difficult situations. And as a teacher, I know the importance of clear communication and accountability, and I will strive to bring those traits to my role in the community.

I’ve been a member of the Lake Forest Park Water District Advisory Committee and I have made presentations to Lake Forest Park Elementary School about the quality of our locally-sourced water and the students’ roles in preserving that quality.

In those students’ eyes, I see that they take great pride in our city. This is a great city, but we continue to struggle to fund our basic needs: parks, sidewalks, the court, police, safe streets and planning. I have ideas – like community grants and other external funding sources – about raising revenue for the city that do not rely solely on redevelopment that encourages traffic congestion and threatens the culture of what Lake Forest Park is – and should continue to be.  I want to work with community, state, county and other city officials to find these alternate funding sources, since this is not a problem unique to our city.

If you want to see Lake Forest Park stay green, if you’re concerned about the unchecked pro-growth direction the city has taken in the past few years, if you simply want  this city to take a more active role in county-wide and regional initiatives, please support me for City Council Position 6 on August 6! 

Thank you for your support,

Tracy Furutani

Please contact me at if you would like to help us with our campaign!

Tracy's Educational Background & Professional Experience

Dr. Tracy T. Furutani

North Seattle College

Science and Math Division

9600 College Way N

Seattle, WA  98103


  • PhD.  Geological Sciences, University of Washington. Seattle, WA 1994
  • M.S. Chemistry, Stanford University. Stanford, CA 1986
  • B.S. Chemistry and History, California Institute of Technology. Pasadena, CA 1984 

Professional Experience:

  • 9/96 – present Instructor (tenured), North Seattle College, Seattle, WA. Taught all earth sciences courses (including physical, environmental and historical geology), geographic information systems, meteorology, oceanography, astronomy, chemistry, and introductory and engineering physics courses. Developed curriculum centered around materials science for the Engineering and Electronics Technology/Advanced Technologies program, as well as nanoscience for the Nanotechnology program. Developed Integrated Studies course on astrobiology with a colleague in biology, on minerals and metal arts with a colleague in arts, and on science and religion with a colleague in English.
  • 6/16 – 8/16 Lecturer, Chemistry, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Taught the junior-level inorganic chemistry course. Supervised the work of a teaching assistant.
  • 9/14 – 9/15 Principal Investigator, Summer Science Program, Seattle, WA. Led a team of three researchers and three program testers in the development of a six-week, residential ocean microorganism metagenomics project for science and math-oriented high school students. Delivered a set of protocols for sampling ocean water, isolating organismal DNA, and using computational methods in metagenomics.
  • 1/99 – 9/03, 1/05 – 9/05, 1/08 – 9/08, 1/10 – 9/10, 1/12 – 9/13, 1/15 – 9/15, 1/17 – 9/17 Academic Director, Summer Science Program, Ojai and Santa Barbara, CA, and Boulder, CO. Administered the academic portion of the Summer Science Program, an intensive six-week program for 24 to 36 science and math-oriented high school rising juniors and seniors. 

Other Relevant Experience:

  • 9/16 – present Member, Chair, Lake Forest Park Water District Advisory Committee
  • 9/14 – present Advisor, North Seattle College Rocketry Club, North Seattle College
  • 9/06 – 2/08 Board of Trustees, Summer Science Program, Inc., Chair of Curriculum Committee, member of Admissions Committee
  • 9/98 – 12/06 Associate Editor Quaternary Research
  • 2/03 – 6/04 Acting Business Manager, Puget Sound Chemist, American Chemical Society
  • 2/02 – 6/04 Advisor, The Polaris student newspaper, North Seattle Community College



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